July 4th is about celebrating our freedom. It's about celebrating independence, separation and new beginnings. Just like our Independence day celebration, Freedom Cupcake Soap celebrates your skins freedom from the grime of everyday life. Free yourself from unwanted dirt and odor and celebrate your body with this amazing soap. Freedom Cupcake Soap is as spectacular as fireworks exploding in the night sky. Your skin will love you for it! Average weight is 3.5 to 5 oz. Elegant blend of fresh peaches and hibiscus blooms.


Ingredients: water, coconut oil, palm oil, canola oil, rice bran oil, castor oil, fragrance (white peach & hibiscus), titanium dioxide, skin safe mica, sprinkles, decorative topper. 


Our soaps are 100% handmade. Each bar of soap is made using the cold process method, hand cut, and hand-packaged. We began soapmaking because we wanted to know that every ingredient in our skin care products was safe, natural, and ethically sourced. In keeping with this principle, we use only the finest essential oils or fragrance, herbs, and clays, and pure, skin-loving vegetable oils (no fillers, detergents, or preservatives).


Allergy Warning: People with skin sensitivities or allergies should first test the soap on a small spot of the skin and stop using it if any irritation occurs.  May contain traces of nuts. Please read the ingredients.


Since each batch I make is handmade and cut the pattern of each piece will not be identical to the picture being shown above.

Freedom Cupcake Soap

  • Keep soap in a dry place out of direct water and out of steam when not using. Using a drainage soap dish will allow the soap to dry properly. This will help prolong the life of your soap.

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